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Telephone Interviews

The most common form of interviewing, telephone interviewing, is ideal for anything from quick, concise surveys to longer in-depth interviews.

Goldhaber Research Associates maintains a state-of-the-art computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) facility with 20 acoustically paneled computerized interviewing stations. Our totally computerized facility eliminates typical “paper and pencil” errors, and facilitates complete data analysis and cross-tabulations with a commitment to the highest possible research standards.

Sample frames are carefully managed by GRA’s networked computer system to assure the highest completion rate through callbacks, appointments, and time zone calculations.

Our interviewers are carefully trained in the methodology and specifications of every project. All interviewing stations are connected to a silent monitoring system forĀ quality control, allowing supervisors and clients to watch and listen to any interview while it is in progress.

Quality Control Procedures

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